Leverage the Benefits of DevOps to develop a Strong Online Presence

Start to finish robotization and persistent delivery to reduce expenses and delivery quicker.

DevOps as a Service

Exploit Gorp's multi-year active involvement with automation and ceaseless conveyance to advance your infrastructure and export within hours, not days.

By making capital on our mastery in coordinated and scrum, we assist you with getting sorted out group's assets adequately, accomplish quick market review, and drastically cut expenses. Regardless of whether architecting an IT climate or building a completely fledged DevOps arrangement without any preparation — our DevOps group has the ability, custom systems, and demonstrated toolchains to finish the project of any unpredictability.

Try DevOps to Dramatically Increase Your Project's Efficiency

Advantage from DevOps as a Service to outrun the competition and remain in front of your game.

Fasten Product Time to Market
Furnished with particular DevOps instruments, our group can automate most of the basic and tedious procedures on your venture. As far as we can tell, utilizing DevOps to improve your tasks parts the quantity of handoffs and quicken the conveyance of new items by a normal of 83%.

Diminishing Overall Project Costs
Normalized IT tasks help to lessen your general expenses by dispensing with impromptu work and crucial fire fighting on the project. Capitalize regular framework incorporations and start to finish computerized testing to identify software faults when they show up. The "sooner discovered, sooner fixed" worldview brings down both bug fixing and maintenance costs.

Rapidly Respond to Market Changes
Remain parallel to changing client desires by improving at the speed of light. Our DevOps administration empowers you to continually screen and react to fluctuating business sector interest, update your current offer, or convey another item instantly. We use nonstop automation and relapse testing to assist you with testing and delivery with certainty.

Save Time for Creative Work
Try DevOps administration to burn through 44% a greater amount of your group's endeavors on new work. Let our DevOps specialists handle routine assignments like configuration management, organization, or delivery coordination — while engaging your experts to pay attention to new feature development, exploratory testing, or key client relationship with the executives.

Incorporate Security from the earliest starting point
Utilize our security-approved of DevOps approach and early security apparatuses incorporation to predict possible dangers and dispense with them immediately. Ceaseless automated testing supports your safeguards to ensure clients and limit security weaknesses. Forestall delicate information penetrates with things like storage encryption, confirmation testing, etc.

Measure DevOps ROI Efficiently
We built up a custom systematic dashboard, a 24/7 observing framework, and outwardly rich profitability diagrams to guarantee DevOps transparency and recognizability. Measure all parts of DevOps effectivity across 27+ exact measurements — from arrangement achievement rate and interim to recuperate to client growth rates and repeating income.

Get the Best of Our Versatile DevOps Offer!

DevOps as a Service Implementation

Quickened conveyance, improved programming quality, and decreased venture costs are the key advantages you gain from our DevOps as a Service offering. Let us drive your task higher than ever by executing particular DevOps administrations:

  • Version management and control
  • Automated environment provisioning
  • Virtualization of data, infrastructure and services
  • Continuous configuration automation at network, server, storage and software levels
  • Centralized log management
  • 24/7 tracking and monitoring
  • End-to-end infrastructure management
  • Deployment and release orchestration
  • Automated environment provisioning
  • Continuous Delivery pipeline automation and optimization
  • Test automation underpinned by our custom QA automation framework
  • Infrastructure security, including automated code quality control, penetration testing, secrets storage and more

DevOps Consulting Services

Not certain what kind of DevOps answer to pick? Our overall group of DevOps specialists is fit for surveying your IT environment and drawing a reasonable long haul DevOps selection guide. Let our DevOps counseling experts help you:

  • Evaluate the reasonability of implementing DevOps at the project
  • Offer a range of suitable DevOps implementation models
  • Perform all-round DevOps maturity assessment of your current IT environment
  • Coach your in-house DevOps team
  • Gather requirements and analyze your business goals
  • Provide you with a full IT environment audit report
  • Estimate costs for the discussed DevOps implementation model
  • Work out custom DevOps implementation KPIs for your particular business project
  • Recommend you an appropriate DevOps toolchain (Git, Jenkins, Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker, AWS) and assist in its integration

Benefit from Our Comprehensive DevOps Approach

Incline toward the 4 foundations of our DevOps skill to support conveyance, reduced task expenses, and upgrade your clients' fulfillment.

Accomplishing Synergy of DevOps Technologies
We consolidate our know-hows in start to finish computerization, "everything-as-code", and progression over the conveyance cycle to reduce your task expenses, modernize IT framework, and assist you with delivering in a flicker of an eye.

Following and Measuring Around The Clock
Our vigorous checking framework causes you to consistently quantify the DevOps profitability and make information driven changes in like manner. Get itemized, a single tick investigative reports and be sure of your business choices.

Taking Full Advantage Best Practices
Catch the advantages of our significant mastery in industry-standard DevOps instruments and custom automation systems. Incorporating our proven methods into your work process has never been so smooth, fast, and financially savvy.

Zeroing in on User Security and Protection
T-formed abilities and demonstrated toolset empower our security specialists to fabricate impenetrable security and win clients' trust. We actualize risk investigation and danger displaying to distinguish security defects from the get-go and protect your data.

Why Choose Our DevOps Team for Your Next Mission-Critical Project

Let our group of experts, designers and DevOps experts assist you with streamlining tasks and arrive at your business objectives easily.

13+ Years of Scrum and Agile Expertis
Rehearsing scrum and lithe since the very beginning, we can assist you with delivering top notch programming items in an adaptable and unsurprising manner. Our affirmed scrum aces assume full liability for your task's booking, expenses, and quality, just as help you with scope arranging and DevOps KPI observing.

Custom, Modular AQA Framework
Oxagile invests wholeheartedly in utilizing 20+ affirmed ISTQB automation engineers with 120+ man-years of activities added to their repertoire. We joined their accepted procedures, top-class automation instruments, and custom highlights to make our own AQA system. Because of its measured plan, the structure easily coordinates into your current IT framework and can be tweaked to meet your requirements perfectly.

AWS-For-DevOps Stack Excellence
Need to keep up a high-load application? Amazon Web Services (AWS) furnishes us with automated instruments for exact scaling and load balancing — to find a fair compromise among execution and costs. Building a perplexing cloud-based arrangement without any preparation? Tap into our AWS-for-DevOps skill to improve each progression of your activities work process — from foundation virtualization to application wellbeing monitoring.

Our Battle-Proven DevOps Toolchain

Leverage our trusted DevOps tools and exceptional skills in handling them — to accelerate delivery, dramatically optimize orchestration, and reduce TCO.


Amazon Web Services • Microsoft Azure • Google Cloud Platform • Pivotal Cloud Foundry • Rackspace • OpenStack


Ansible • Terraform • Puppet • SaltStack • Chef


AWS CloudFormation • Kubernetes • Docker Swarm • Apache Mesos • Atlas


Jenkins • GitLab • Gradle • Bamboo • Apache Maven • Microsoft Visual Studio • Travis CI


Apache JMeter • SonarQube • ReSharper • QASymphony • Cucumber • RSpec • Selenium • Capybara • Coverity • SauceLabs • TestRail


Docker • Amazon EC2 • rkt • LXC • Vagrant


AWS CloudWatch • ELK Stack • New Relic • AppDynamics • Sensu • Papertrail • Logstash


Snort • Vault • Sonatype • Veracode • Threat Stack • Sqreen


Jira • Confluence • FishEye • Crucible • HipChat • Slack • Pivotal • AgileCraft • ServiceNow • VersionOne


Artifactory • Git • Bitbucket • Mercurial • Perforce