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Customized Solutions to help you achieve your vision!

Gorp gives you customized solution strategies to help you achieve your e-commerce goals with an ease! Whether it is to ensure the smooth and proper running of your website, or even if you are trying to achieve massive goals, Gorp is there to help and lead you forward.

Are you all set to boost your eCommerce Strategy?

Development & Support

Gorp is here to help you enhance your journey with simple and strategic solutions. Our experts provide you with a specific set of strategic techniques to help you run your site smoothly while keeping your vision intact. With smart strategies, our company is there to help and lead you forward.

  • Custom Module development
  • Patch Updates & Security
  • Full-time emergency support i.e. 24/7
  • Site Updates & Bug Fixes
  • Speed/Performance
  • Integrations (ERP, PIM, Market Places, Marketing Automation)
  • Compliance Implementation (PCI, ADA, GDPR, Tax)
  • Campaign Support
  • Testing Plans

Design, Research & Usability

Is it hard to find out what is the main obstacle or advantage for the success of your store? Well no more! We are here to help you find out exactly what’s helping and what not in the growth of your magento store. Our expert UX and research services provide you with the best ways to figure out where customers are struggling on the site store and how you can overcome them.

  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • A/B Testing
  • User Testing
  • Search Optimization
  • Merchandising
  • Content Strategy
  • Mobile First Strategy

Analytics & Optimization

How can you have more traffic and traction without a strong eCommerce roadmap? We will equip you with required analytical and optimization tools and services which will help you have a clear line of action along with a strategy to help you focus on your big numbers.

  • Performance Analytics
  • Growth Strategy- Actionable and Specific
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Advanced eCommerce Analysis and Tracking
  • Seo & Keyword Optimization
  • Accurate Reporting

Where to start and How:


Get started with a strategic analysis to create a profitable and workable plan:

  • Analytical critique of your website
  • Core code reviews for bugs
  • Analysis with our conversion strategy team
  • Discover top conversion blockers and how to overcome them

Get analytical analysis of your own website:

Why partner with Us?

It’s not just about the big vision- it’s about creating a strategic plan which supports your big vision with data analysis and our experienced expert services!

Research-Driven Approach

A planned roadmap for growth based on your data.


Certified eCommerce experts.

24/7 Virtual Team Assistance

A team readily available to assist you 24/7.

Aesthetics alone cannot be a driver of traffic and revenue on your website and that’s why we are here to help you with the growth of your website and increase the conversation rates through a strategic plan and expert techniques. We create strategies analyzing your company’s data and come up with the suitable growth plans. Let’s connect and explore ways to boost your business!

What's Your Biggest Hangup?

We fix slow site speed in our sleep, and tackle the highest goals on your wishlist, but don’t take our word for it:

Problem : Poor Search Engine


Increase in Transactions

Problem : Poor Online Presence


Increase in Revenue